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These CD Albums in the Electronic section are all second-hand CD albums, some pre-owned, some are as new. Each CD has been checked and a description of condition added. If you want any specific information email us via the contact page. The track listing should be correct, but if you see an error please let us know.

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Achim Wollscheid: Shifts (CD) - SOLD OUT Afterlife: Afterlife (CD) - SOLD OUT Age: Orion Years (CD) - SOLD OUT Air: Moon Safari (CD) - SOLD OUT Air: 10,000 Hz legend (CD) - SOLD OUT Alter Ego: Decoding the Hacker Myth (CD) - SOLD OUT Amon Tobin: Supermodified (CD) - SOLD OUT Amon Tobin: Chaos Theory (CD) - SOLD OUT Amorphous Androgynous: Tales Of Ephidrina (CD) - SOLD OUT Andrew Pekler: Station to Station (CD) - SOLD OUT Aphex Twin: I Care Because You Do (CD) - SOLD OUT Aphex Twin: Classics (CD) - SOLD OUT Aphex Twin: Richard D. James Album (CD) - SOLD OUT Art of Noise: The seduction of Claude Debussy (CD) - SOLD OUT Arthur And Martha : Navigation (CD) - SOLD OUT Autechre: Garbage (CD) - SOLD OUT Autechre: Incunabula (CD) - SOLD OUT Autechre: Chiastic Slide (CD) - SOLD OUT Bauri: Slacker Journal (CD) - SOLD OUT Beaumont Hannant: Sculptured (CD) - SOLD OUT Beaumont Hannant: basic data manipulation tastes and textures vol 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Bell: Numbers (CD) - SOLD OUT Bent: Programmed to Love (CD) - SOLD OUT Bent: The Everlasting Blink (CD) - SOLD OUT Biosphere: Patashnik (CD) - SOLD OUT Black Rain: All Tomorrows Food (CD) - SOLD OUT Boards of Canada: The Campfire Headphase (CD) - SOLD OUT Boards of Canada: Geogaddi (CD) - SOLD OUT Bob Holroyd: Fluidity And Structure (CD) - SOLD OUT Bochum Welt: Module 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Bodi Bill : Two In One (CD) - SOLD OUT Bruce Gilbert: AB OVO (CD) - SOLD OUT Chris Hughes: Shift (CD) - SOLD OUT Christopher Franke: Klemania (CD) - SOLD OUT Christopher Franke: New Music For Films (CD) - SOLD OUT Christopher Franke: The London Concert (CD) - SOLD OUT Citizen z: Countdown to the continuum (CD) - SOLD OUT Citizen z: Fluxus and the Fist (CD) - SOLD OUT Corridor: Serious Earth (CD) - SOLD OUT Crowbar: The Day the furniture argued (CD) - SOLD OUT Curd-Duca: Elevator 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Depeche Mode: Remixes 81.04 (CD) - SOLD OUT Depeche Mode: Playing the Angel (CD) - SOLD OUT Dimensions 5: Alien Artform (CD) - SOLD OUT DJ Vadim: U.S.S.R. Reconstruction (CD) - SOLD OUT Dok: oval (CD) - SOLD OUT Donnacha Costello: Growing up in Public (CD) - SOLD OUT Drain: off speed and in there (CD) - SOLD OUT Drone: colourformoney (CD) - SOLD OUT Dusted: When We Where Young (CD) - SOLD OUT Eat Static: The Alien EPs (CD) - SOLD OUT Eat Static: Implant (CD) - SOLD OUT Echo System: Headland (CD) - SOLD OUT Edgar Froese: Aqua (CD) - SOLD OUT Edition Terranova: Hitchhiking Nonstop (CD) - SOLD OUT Electric Ladyland: Clickhop version 1 (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Eno Mobius Roedelius: Begegnungen (CD) - SOLD OUT Enterphase: Phase one (CD) - SOLD OUT Erasure: Wild (CD) - SOLD OUT Erasure: Pop 20 Hits (CD) - SOLD OUT Exploding thumbs: The beginning of Blue (CD) - SOLD OUT Feelings Not frequencies: Feelings Not frequencies (CD) - SOLD OUT Floating Point: Between worlds (CD) - SOLD OUT Forces of Nature: Live from Mars Vol 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Fourtet: Everything Ecstatic (CD) - SOLD OUT Fourtet: Rounds (CD) - SOLD OUT Fukkk Offf : Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me (CD) - SOLD OUT Full Moon Scientist: Do we look like comedian (CD) - SOLD OUT Future Loop Foundation: Time and Bass (CD) - SOLD OUT Future sound of London : From The Archives Vol 3 (CD) - SOLD OUT Future sound of London : ISDN (CD) - SOLD OUT Future sound of London : ISDN (CD) - SOLD OUT Future sound of London : Lifeforms (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Future sound of London : Dead Cities (CD) - SOLD OUT Garo: Gift of the Gods (CD) - SOLD OUT Gary Numan: Pure (CD) - SOLD OUT Gary Numan: Outland (CD) - SOLD OUT Gary Numan: Telekon I-Assassin (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Gas: 95 (CD) - SOLD OUT Gen'ik: Just add dope (CD) - SOLD OUT Germ: Gone (CD) - SOLD OUT Germ: Parrot (CD) - SOLD OUT Goldfrapp: Excerpts From Felt Mountain (CD) - SOLD OUT Grid: Electric Head (CD) - SOLD OUT Grid: Evolver (CD) - SOLD OUT Grid: Four Five Six (CD) - SOLD OUT Guido Zen: Healthy Fuel Navigation (CD) - SOLD OUT Harvey Bainbridge: Interstellar Chaos (CD) - SOLD OUT Heimir Bjorgulfsson: Discreet Journey Digitalis (CD) - SOLD OUT Heldon Third : It's always Rock 'n' Roll (CD) - SOLD OUT Horizon 222: The three of swans (CD) - SOLD OUT Human League : Reproduction (CD) - SOLD OUT Hydro: Aborigination (CD) - SOLD OUT Hydro: Spiritualisation (CD) - SOLD OUT Ibizarre: The Ambient Collection Volume 1 (CD) - SOLD OUT Ibizarre: Winter Ambient Collection (CD) - SOLD OUT Impulse: One-six-four-one-seven (CD) - SOLD OUT In The Nursery: Twins (CD) - SOLD OUT Infinite Wheel: Blow (CD) - SOLD OUT Intermix: Phaze Two (CD) - SOLD OUT Interphaze: Aural Stimulation (CD) - SOLD OUT J Majik: Slowmotion (CD) - SOLD OUT Jamie Fielding : Extinkt (CD) - SOLD OUT Jammin the Void : The Minister of Noise (CD) - SOLD OUT Jammin Unit: Jammin' Unit Discovers Chemical Dub (CD) - SOLD OUT Japan: Exorcising Ghosts (CD) - SOLD OUT Jaz Klash: thru the haze (CD) - SOLD OUT Jean Michel Jarre: Magnetic Fields (CD) - SOLD OUT Jean Michel Jarre: Oxygene (CD) - SOLD OUT Jean Michel Jarre: Oddyssey through 02 (CD) - SOLD OUT Jean Michel Jarre: Aero (CD) - SOLD OUT Jean Michel Jarre: Eu Attendant Cousteau (CD) - SOLD OUT Jean Michel Jarre: Houston-Lyon Cities in Concert (Live) (CD) - SOLD OUT Karl Bartos : Communication (CD) - SOLD OUT Karl Bartos : Communication promo (CD) - SOLD OUT Karl Bartos : Electric Music (CD) - SOLD OUT King Kooba: Imperial Solution (CD) - SOLD OUT Kinobe: Versebridgechorus (CD) - SOLD OUT Kinobe: Wide Open (CD) - SOLD OUT Kitaro: Kojiki (CD) - SOLD OUT Kitaro: Oasis (CD) - SOLD OUT Klaus Hess: Technodrome (CD) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: Blackdance (CD) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: The Dome Event (CD) - SOLD OUT Komputer: Market Led (CD) - SOLD OUT Komputer: World of tommorow (CD) - SOLD OUT Konstruktivist: Live (CD) - SOLD OUT Korn : Spirit (CD) - SOLD OUT Kosmik Twins: Psycho Connection (CD) - SOLD OUT Kraftwerk: Tour De France (CD) - SOLD OUT Kraftwerk: Trans Europe Express (CD) - SOLD OUT Lamb: Fear of fours (CD) - SOLD OUT Laser Dance : Technological Mind (erik Van Vilet 1992) (CD) - SOLD OUT Lemon Jelly: '64-'95 (CD) - SOLD OUT Les Jumeaux: Cobalt (CD) - SOLD OUT LFO: Frequencies (CD) - SOLD OUT Little Death Orchestra: Little Death Orchestra (CD) - SOLD OUT Liverpool Sound Collage: Liverpool Sound Collage (CD) - SOLD OUT Locust: Morning Light (CD) - SOLD OUT Locust: Morning Light (CD) - SOLD OUT Locust: Natural Composite (CD) - SOLD OUT Locust: Truth is born of Arguments (CD) - SOLD OUT Locust: Weathered Well (CD) - SOLD OUT Locust: Weathered Well (CD) - SOLD OUT Locust: Wrong (2xCD) - SOLD OUT London Synth Orchestra: Serenity Tranquility and Peace (CD) - SOLD OUT Major Force: Major Force West: 1993-1997 (CD) - SOLD OUT Manmachineman: The rhythmdesign rising (CD) - SOLD OUT Marascia: Reworked (CD) - SOLD OUT Mark Isham: Mark Isham (CD) - SOLD OUT Mark Jenkins: Sequencer Loops (CD) - SOLD OUT Mark Jenkins: Space Dreams (CD) - SOLD OUT Mark Van Hoen: Playing with time (CD) - SOLD OUT Mark Van Hoen: The last flowers from darkness (CD) - SOLD OUT Marvin Wilson: Guide (CD) - SOLD OUT Metamorphose: Messe Pour Le Temps (CD) - SOLD OUT Mice Parade: Obrigado Saudade (CD) - SOLD OUT Michel Huygen: Barcelona (CD) - SOLD OUT Michel Huygen: Elixir (CD) - SOLD OUT Mirror System: Mirror System (CD) - SOLD OUT Monaco: Music for Pleasure (What do you want from me) (CD) - SOLD OUT Moody boyz: Product of the environment (CD) - SOLD OUT Moody boyz: Recycled EP (CD) - SOLD OUT Mouse on Mars: Vulvaland (CD) - SOLD OUT Mouse on Mars: Instrumentals (CD) - SOLD OUT Mouse on Mars: Niun Niggnug (CD) - SOLD OUT Mouse on Mars: Live 04 (CD) - SOLD OUT Mr Scruff: Keep it Unreal (CD) - SOLD OUT Mr76ix: Hits Of 76ix (CD) - SOLD OUT MRM: Minimal Resource Manipulation (CD) - SOLD OUT Mucca macca : Mucca macca (CD) - SOLD OUT Multiphonic Ensemble: King of May (CD) - SOLD OUT Nav Katze: Never Mind the Distortion (CD) - SOLD OUT Neuronium: The New Digital Dream (CD) - SOLD OUT New London School of Electronics: The Deepest Cut (CD) - SOLD OUT New Order: Get Ready (CD) - SOLD OUT Nitrogen: Intoxica (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Nostromo: No such thing as silence (CD) - SOLD OUT O'rang: Fields and Waves (CD) - SOLD OUT O'rang: Herd of Instinct (CD) - SOLD OUT Orb : Okie Dokie (CD) - SOLD OUT Osymyso: welcome to the palindrome (CD) - SOLD OUT Outcast: Out of Tune (CD) - SOLD OUT Palace of Pleasure: Betty Ford here we come (CD) - SOLD OUT Patrick O'Hearn: Between Two Worlds (CD) - SOLD OUT Peace Orchestra : Peace Orchestra (CD) - SOLD OUT Pentatonik: Anthology (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Pete Namlook : X (CD) - SOLD OUT Peter Lazonby: If you can't resist..... (CD) - SOLD OUT Peter Lazonby: Your Humble Servant (CD) - SOLD OUT Peter Nooten & Michael Brook : Sleeps with fishes (CD) - SOLD OUT Philosophy of sound & machine C: (CD) - SOLD OUT Photek : Modus Operandi (CD) - SOLD OUT Photek : Solaris (CD) - SOLD OUT Pierrot Premier: Orange cloud over Battery Park (CD) - SOLD OUT Plaid: Not for Threes (CD) - SOLD OUT Plaid: Rest Proof Clockwork (CD) - SOLD OUT Plaid: Double Figure (CD) - SOLD OUT Planetary Assault Systems: The Drone sector (CD) - SOLD OUT Plexiq: Bambi Dragons Don't Spit No Fire (CD) - SOLD OUT Plutonik: Prime numbers (CD) - SOLD OUT Polygon Window: Surfing On Sine Waves (CD) - SOLD OUT Pop Will Eat Itself: Two Fingers My Friends! (CD) - SOLD OUT Portishead: Dummy (CD) - SOLD OUT Portishead: Portishead (CD) - SOLD OUT Portishead: Portishead (CD) - SOLD OUT Pressure of Speech: Art of the State (CD) - SOLD OUT Project 23: 23 (CD) - SOLD OUT Propellerheads: Decksanddrumsandrockandroll (CD) - SOLD OUT PS Orchestra & Synthesizers: The Hits Of The Pet Shop Boys (CD) - SOLD OUT Psychic T V: Towards The Infinite Beat (CD) - SOLD OUT Psychic T V: Beyond The Infinite Beat (CD) - SOLD OUT Queen Elizabeth : Superstar (CD) - SOLD OUT Radial Blend: Abandon Time (CD) - SOLD OUT Radial Blend: enough roads (CD) - SOLD OUT Renegade Soundwave: HOWYOUDOIN? (CD) - SOLD OUT Renegade Soundwave: In Dub (CD) - SOLD OUT REQ : One (CD) - SOLD OUT Richard H Kirk: The number of Magic (CD) - SOLD OUT Richard Pinhas: Dww (CD) - SOLD OUT Richard Pinhas: Ice Land (CD) - SOLD OUT Richard Pinhas: L'Ethique (CD) - SOLD OUT Richard Pinhas & J Livengood: Cyborg Sally (CD) - SOLD OUT Ride : Smile (CD) - SOLD OUT Robert Schroeder: Driftin (CD) - SOLD OUT Ryuichi Sakamoto: Illustrated Musical Encycopedia (CD) - SOLD OUT Salt Tank: ST4 (CD) - SOLD OUT Salt Tank: ST3 (CD) - SOLD OUT Salt Tank: wavebreaks (CD) - SOLD OUT Sandals: Cracked EP (CD) - SOLD OUT Scuba: Underwater Symphonies (CD) - SOLD OUT Sha Cho Mouse: Photo-Synthesizer (CD) - SOLD OUT Sigur Ros: Ba Ba Ti Ki DI Do (CD) - SOLD OUT Skyray: Mind lagoons (CD) - SOLD OUT Snowpony: Slow motion world of (CD) - SOLD OUT Sonic voyagers: Endless Mission (CD) - SOLD OUT Spirals: Without Control (CD) - SOLD OUT Spooky: Found Sound (CD) - SOLD OUT Spring Heel Jack: Busy Curious Thirsty (CD) - SOLD OUT Spylab: This Utopia (CD) - SOLD OUT Squarepusher: Big Loada (CD) - SOLD OUT Squarepusher: Burningnn Tree (CD) - SOLD OUT Squarepusher: Ultravisitor (CD) - SOLD OUT Stereolab : Mars Audiac Quintet (CD) - SOLD OUT Stereolab : Microbe Hunter (CD) - SOLD OUT Strange Brew: Earth Out (CD) - SOLD OUT Sven Vath : Touch themes (CD) - SOLD OUT Sympathy Nervous: Tracks (CD) - SOLD OUT System 7: 777 Fire+Water (2xCD) - SOLD OUT System 7: Golden Selection (CD) - SOLD OUT System 7: Point 3 Fire Album (CD) - SOLD OUT System 7: Power of seven (CD) - SOLD OUT System 7: System 7 (CD) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Time Square Dream Mixes II (CD) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Goblins Club (CD) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Goblins Club (CD) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Lily on the beach (CD) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Stratosfear (CD) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : From Dawn To Dusk (CD) - SOLD OUT Thievery Corporation: Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi (CD) - SOLD OUT Thievery Corporation: Sounds From The Thievery Hifi (CD) - SOLD OUT Throwing Snow: Embers (CD) - SOLD OUT Tipper: The Critical path (CD) - SOLD OUT Trancendental Anarchists : Cluster Zone (CD) - SOLD OUT Ulrich Schnauss: Far Away Trains Passing By (CD) - SOLD OUT Ultra-Living: Monochromatic adventure (CD) - SOLD OUT Unkle: War Stories 2xCD (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Uziq: Salsa With Mesquite (CD) - SOLD OUT Valgeir Sigurdsson: Ekvilibrium (CD) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: Direct (CD) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: The City (CD) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: Soil Festivities (CD) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: Chariots Of Fire (CD) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: The Collection (3xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: Just Music Album Sampler (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Give em Enough Dope Volume 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Head Travel Exploring electronic music (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Hypercity Forcetracks (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Clicks & Cuts 3 (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: Dream Injection 2 (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: Fabriclive 15 Nitin Sawhney (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Klangmaschine Soundmachine (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Militant Science (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Some Scientific Abstract Type Shit (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Teutonik Disaster (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: The Knights Who Say Dot (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Surrealism (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: Synthesizer Hits (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Textures (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: This Film's Crap, Let's Sample the Soundtrack (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Triphoprisy IV (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: Wipeout ? Pure (CD) - SOLD OUT Virtual Audio Project: Alien (CD) - SOLD OUT Voices of Kwahn: Peninsular enclosure (CD) - SOLD OUT Voices of Kwahn: Silver Bowl Transmission (CD) - SOLD OUT Walter Holland: Transience of Love (CD) - SOLD OUT Way out Chapter: (CD) - SOLD OUT Way Out West : Wat Out West (CD) - SOLD OUT William Orbit : Strange Cargo (CD) - SOLD OUT William Orbit : Strange Cargo II (CD) - SOLD OUT William Orbit : Strange Cargo III (CD) - SOLD OUT Witchman: Explorimenting Beats (CD) - SOLD OUT Yellow Magic Orchestra: Hi-Tech/No crime (CD) - SOLD OUT

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Viral Sonata, Paul D Millar £8.00 The Unbalanced, Sound of Flak £19.99 Feng shui , Q-burns abstract message £8.00 Selected Material - Sound in the 8th Dimension , Various £8.00 Evolution, John Dyson £10.00 Presents Infrastructure, J Majik £12.00 The Unbalanced (Promo), Sound of Flak £5.00 Serenity, Violet Arcana £5.00
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sound of flak unbalanced

Limited edition CD with some fabulous electronic ambient style tunes. Buy it here Sound of Flak: The Unbalanced Or spend £50 and get the promo version for free!

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