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Phase one by Enterphase is on the Gladden Pictures label and for sale on CDLists.co.uk in CD format for just £2.60. It is a second-hand CD with a catalogue number of AD14 and the condition is excellent , as new. It comes with the original case and inserts unless stated in the condition field below.


Phase one



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Gladden Pictures

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very rare deleted album by Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert. The first three tracks are delicate keyboard pieces with atmospheric electronics achieving a dreamy approximation of interstellar space. The fourth track is appropriately entitled "Blue Shift" for its comin'atcha sequencers; the pace is quite uptempo here. The last track is a 27 minute epic track that claims (in liner notes) to be "presented in the grand manner as a long cosmic anthem to space music" --and how true that is, being a constant pulse sequence akin to an early Heldon trance, underlaid with sparkling electronics of a particularly tectonic nature.

Eclectic, improvised sequencer based electronic music from USA duo, similar in style to early Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze and a big seller in the mid 90's.


excellent , as new
  • Phase one Track List:
  • 1. Lunar Vista
    2. Altarian Meadow
    3. Andromeda Signal
    4. Blue Shift
    5. Time Dilation

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