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All Saints  Under The Bridge pre-owned CD single for sale

These CD Singles in the Soul/R&B section are all second-hand CD singles, some pre-owned, some are as new. Each CD has been checked and a description of condition added. If you want any specific information email us via the contact page. The track listing should be correct, but if you see an error please let us know.

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Adeva : Im The One For You (CDs) - SOLD OUT Alison Hinds: Roll It Gal (CDs) - SOLD OUT Amerie: Take Control (CDs) - SOLD OUT Angie Giles: Submerge (CDs) - SOLD OUT Anusha: Freeze (CDs) - SOLD OUT ASA: Fire On The Mountain (CDs) - SOLD OUT Ayo: Down on My Knees (CDs) - SOLD OUT Bettye LaVette: Talking Old Soldiers (CDs) - SOLD OUT Black Connection : Give me Rhythm lemon Juice m (CDs) - SOLD OUT Brand New Heavies: Ultimate Trunk Funk (CDs) - SOLD OUT Bullyrag: Jump Up In A Fashion (CDs) - SOLD OUT Bullyrag: Summer Daze (CDs) - SOLD OUT Cass Fox: Army of One (CDs) - SOLD OUT Cass Fox: Out of My Reach (CDs) - SOLD OUT Cher: Believe CD1 (CDs) - SOLD OUT Ciara: Like a Boy (CDs) - SOLD OUT Ciara: Get Up (CDs) - SOLD OUT Cushh: Get on The Dance Floor (CDs) - SOLD OUT Dmac: The World She Knows (CDs) - SOLD OUT Eagle Eye Cherry: Permanent Tears (CD1) (CDs) - SOLD OUT Fried: Walk Don't Run (CDs) - SOLD OUT Gabrielle: Dreams (CDs) - SOLD OUT George Michael: Too Funky (CDs) - SOLD OUT Jamelia: Something About You (CDs) - SOLD OUT James Hunter: Mollena (CDs) - SOLD OUT Janet Jackson: Got 'til it's gone (feat Joni Mitchell) (CDs) - SOLD OUT Janet Jackson: Whoops now / what'll I do (CDs) - SOLD OUT Joe: If I Was Your Man (CDs) - SOLD OUT Kelly Llorenna: Brighter Day (CDs) - SOLD OUT Kelly Llorenna: Heart Of Gold CD1 (CDs) - SOLD OUT Kelly Llorenna: I Will Love Again (CDs) - SOLD OUT Lemar: Someone Should Tell You (CDs) - SOLD OUT Lighthouse Family: Postcard From Heaven (CDs) - SOLD OUT Lionel Richie: To Love A Women (CDs) - SOLD OUT Lucy Pearl: Don't Mess With My Man (CDs) - SOLD OUT Lutricia McNeal: Aint That Just The Way (CDs) - SOLD OUT Maria Lawson: Sleepwalking (CDs) - SOLD OUT Melanie Williams: Everyday Thang (CDs) - SOLD OUT Michael Jackson : History/Ghosts (CDs) - SOLD OUT Michael Jackson : You are not alone (Frankie Knuckles) (CDs) - SOLD OUT Michael Jackson : blood on the dance floor (rare) (CDs) - SOLD OUT Mya: Case Of The Ex (CDs) - SOLD OUT Nate James: Kingdom Falls (CDs) - SOLD OUT Nathan: Do Without My Love (CDs) - SOLD OUT Ne-Yo: Can We Chill (CDs) - SOLD OUT Raul Midon: State Of Mind (CDs) - SOLD OUT Salt n pepa : Champagne four track (CDs) - SOLD OUT Shania Twain : That don't impress me much CD2 (CDs) - SOLD OUT Sonny Jones: Follow You Follow Me (CDs) - SOLD OUT Stacie Orrico: Im Not Missing You (CDs) - SOLD OUT Stacie Orrico: I Could Be The One (CDs) - SOLD OUT Toni Braxton : Un-break my heart CD1 (CDs) - SOLD OUT Toni Braxton : Youre Makin Me High CD1 (CDs) - SOLD OUT Tony Rich: Project Leavin (CDs) - SOLD OUT Tori White: Please Remember (CDs) - SOLD OUT TQ: Daily (CDs) - SOLD OUT Vanessa Hudgens: Say Ok (CDs) - SOLD OUT Wendy Moten: So Close To Love (CDs) - SOLD OUT Whitney Houston : I will always love you (CDs) - SOLD OUT

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Encylopedia of Soul Music, Various £5.00 The Bliss Album??, PM Dawn £15.00 No. 1 Hits, Various £4.00 Flow Like A River, Jon Scott £5.00 Under The Bridge, All Saints  £1.50 Passion of the Night, Clubzone £1.50 The Soulful Sound of Percy Sledge, Percy Sledge  £4.00
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