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Fripp & Eno: Evening Star pre-owned CD for sale

These CD Albums in the Ambient/New Age section are all second-hand CD albums, some pre-owned, some are as new. Each CD has been checked and a description of condition added. If you want any specific information email us via the contact page. The track listing should be correct, but if you see an error please let us know.

If you cannot find what you are looking for get in touch we may be able to locate the item.

#9Dream: Rhythm and Irrelevance (CD) - SOLD OUT Adrian Wagner: Karming the Elements (CD) - SOLD OUT Andreas Vollenweider: Dancing with the lion (CD) - SOLD OUT Anne Garner: Magic & Madness (CD) - SOLD OUT Anne Garner: Trusting A Twirled World (CD) - SOLD OUT Anthony Miles: Music For Children (CD) - SOLD OUT Asana: Asana (CD) - SOLD OUT Asha: Music For Love (CD) - SOLD OUT Asha: Concert Of Angels (CD) - SOLD OUT Audio Active and Laraaji: The Way out is the Way in (CD) - SOLD OUT Bergamot: Radical Symphonic Ambience (CD) - SOLD OUT Bob Holroyd: Stages (CD) - SOLD OUT Brian Carter: Heart for the Circle (CD) - SOLD OUT Brian Eno : Discreet Music (CD) - SOLD OUT Brian Eno : Discreet Music (CD) - SOLD OUT Brian Eno : Music for films (CD) - SOLD OUT Brian Eno : On Land Ambient 4 (CD) - SOLD OUT Brian Eno Peter Schwalm: Drawn from Life (CD) - SOLD OUT Cantamus: Aurora (CD) - SOLD OUT Chris Kimber: Elements Mind Body Spirit (CD) - SOLD OUT Chris Kimber: Om Shanti (CD) - SOLD OUT Christian Gence: Les Chants Secrets Des Baleines (CD) - SOLD OUT Christine Jacobs: Meditation (CD) - SOLD OUT Claire Hamill:: Voices (CD) - SOLD OUT Claire Hamill:: Voices (CD) - SOLD OUT Claire Hamill:: Love in the Afternoon (CD) - SOLD OUT Clifford White: The Lifespring (CD) - SOLD OUT Cyril Morin: Western Pansori (CD) - SOLD OUT Cyrille Verdeaux: Inner Peace Concerto (CD) - SOLD OUT David Arkenstone: Island (CD) - SOLD OUT David Britten: Dance of the Dolphins (CD) - SOLD OUT David Harrow: Technova (CD) - SOLD OUT David Hudson: Guardians Of The Reef (CD) - SOLD OUT David Lanz: Cristofori's Dream (CD) - SOLD OUT David Sylvian: Alchemy An index of Possibilities (CD) - SOLD OUT David Wright: Ocean Watch (CD) - SOLD OUT De Nebulae: Natural balance (CD) - SOLD OUT Deep Forest: Deep Forest III (CD) - SOLD OUT Deep Forest: Deep Forest (CD) - SOLD OUT Deep Sky Divers: Incandescent (CD) - SOLD OUT Deep Sky Divers: The New fast lane (CD) - SOLD OUT Deep Sky Divers: Highlands and Skylands (CD) - SOLD OUT Deep Sky Divers: Momentum (CD) - SOLD OUT Deep Sky Divers: Natural Power (CD) - SOLD OUT Denis Quinn: Amadora (CD) - SOLD OUT Enigma: Trilogy (3xCD) - SOLD OUT Enigma: Le Roi Est Mort Vive Le Roi (CD) - SOLD OUT Enigma: The cross of Chances (CD) - SOLD OUT Enigma: MCMXC a.D Limited Edition (CD) - SOLD OUT Eva: Extra Vehicular Activity (CD) - SOLD OUT F.r.e.u.d.: Time Passengers (CD) - SOLD OUT Final: 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Flying dutchman, the: Trip to the core (CD) - SOLD OUT Foundland : Everybody's Neighbour (CD) - SOLD OUT G Tollmann & Hildenbeutel: Tollmannhildenbeutel (CD) - SOLD OUT G-Metrix: Kiss The Vision (CD) - SOLD OUT Gandalf: Journey to Imaginary land (CD) - SOLD OUT Gandalf: Magic Theatre (CD) - SOLD OUT Gandalf: The stones of wisdom (CD) - SOLD OUT Gandalf & Galadriel: The Shining (CD) - SOLD OUT Gate : Sol (CD) - SOLD OUT Geoffrey Downes: The new dance orchestra (CD) - SOLD OUT George Winston: Autumn (CD) - SOLD OUT George Winston: December (CD) - SOLD OUT George Winston: Forest (CD) - SOLD OUT George Winston: Winter into Spring (CD) - SOLD OUT Global Communication: 76 14 (CD) - SOLD OUT Global Communication: 76 14 (CD) - SOLD OUT Gorf: pod 13 (CD) - SOLD OUT Gurunam: Triple Mantra (CD) - SOLD OUT Harold Budd : The Pearl (CD) - SOLD OUT Harold Budd : The Moon and Melodies (CD) - SOLD OUT Harold Budd : Lovely Thunder (CD) - SOLD OUT Harold Budd : Ambient 2 Plateaux of Mirror (CD) - SOLD OUT Harold Budd : The Moon and Melodies (CD) - SOLD OUT Herban Shamen: Keys to the Inner Sanctum 1 (CD) - SOLD OUT Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson : Angels of Universe (CD) - SOLD OUT Human Mesh Dance: Hyaline (CD) - SOLD OUT Io: An MLO Production (CD) - SOLD OUT Jan Garbarek: Officium (CD) - SOLD OUT Jeff Greinke: Changing Skies (CD) - SOLD OUT Jerry Goodman: Ariel (CD) - SOLD OUT Jerry Goodman: Ariel (CD) - SOLD OUT John B Levine: Silence Of Peace (CD) - SOLD OUT John C Lilly: E.C.C.O (CD) - SOLD OUT John Hughes: Wild Ocean (CD) - SOLD OUT John Tesh : Tour de France (CD) - SOLD OUT John Themis: Atmospheric Conditions (CD) - SOLD OUT Jon Hopkins : Contact Note (CD) - SOLD OUT Jon Hopkins : Opalescent (CD) - SOLD OUT Jon Mark: Land of Merlin (CD) - SOLD OUT Jonn Serrie : planetary Chronicles Vol II (CD) - SOLD OUT Juliana: Swimming with Dolphins (CD) - SOLD OUT Juno Reactor: Luciana (CD) - SOLD OUT Kitaro: Dream (CD) - SOLD OUT Kitaro: The light of the spirit (CD) - SOLD OUT Kitaro: Towards the west (CD) - SOLD OUT Kitaro: Tunhuang (CD) - SOLD OUT Laraaji: Day of Radiance (CD) - SOLD OUT Laraaji: Flow goes the Universe (CD) - SOLD OUT Laraaji & Roger Eno: Islands (CD) - SOLD OUT Lisa Gerrard: Whalerider (CD) - SOLD OUT Loop Guru: amrita (CD) - SOLD OUT Loop Guru: Catalogue of Desires Vol3 (CD) - SOLD OUT Loop Guru: Duniya - The Intrinsic Passion of Mysterious Joy (CD) - SOLD OUT Loop Guru: Loop bites dog (CD) - SOLD OUT Loop Guru: the fountains of paradise (CD) - SOLD OUT Loop Guru: The third Chamber (CD) - SOLD OUT Lords Garden: Journeys (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Luna Lazuli: Silent Air (CD) - SOLD OUT M2 : Sinecore (CD) - SOLD OUT Malaysian Pale: Natures Fantasies (CD) - SOLD OUT Malirain: Electronic Music for the Mind and Body (CD) - SOLD OUT Malirain: Forecast for storms (CD) - SOLD OUT Marcey Hamm: Innocence (CD) - SOLD OUT Mark Isham: Songs my Children Taught Me (CD) - SOLD OUT Media Form: Beauty Reports (CD) - SOLD OUT Medwyn Goodall: Medicine Woman (CD) - SOLD OUT Medwyn Goodall: The Way Of Dolphin (CD) - SOLD OUT Michael Forest: Inner Momentum (CD) - SOLD OUT Michael Mantra: Sonic Alter (CD) - SOLD OUT Michel Sanchez: Windows (CD) - SOLD OUT Militant Science : Somnific Flux (CD) - SOLD OUT Mooch: StarHenge (CD) - SOLD OUT Moodswings: MoodFood (CD) - SOLD OUT Moodswings: Psychedelicatessen (CD) - SOLD OUT Neural Network: brain-state-in-a-box (CD) - SOLD OUT Neural Network: Modernite (CD) - SOLD OUT Node: Node (CD) - SOLD OUT Nukarma: Yoga (CD) - SOLD OUT O Lieb : Constellation (CD) - SOLD OUT O Lieb : Constellation (CD) - SOLD OUT Paul Harlyn: Great Barrier - Between what is real and what is Imaginary (CD) - SOLD OUT Paul Horn: Inside the Cathedral (CD) - SOLD OUT Paul Horn: Inside the Great Pyramid (CD) - SOLD OUT Paul Horn: Traveler (CD) - SOLD OUT Paul Schutze: Abysmal evenings (CD) - SOLD OUT Paul Schutze: Apart (CD) - SOLD OUT Pete Namlook : Air (CD) - SOLD OUT Pete Namlook : Definitive Ambient Collection Vol 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Pete Namlook : 4 Seasons (CD) - SOLD OUT Pete Namlook : Music for ballet (CD) - SOLD OUT Pete Namlook & Dr Atmo : Silence 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Pete Namlook & Dr Atmo : Silence (CD) - SOLD OUT Pete Namlook & Richie Hawtin: From Within (CD) - SOLD OUT Peter Buffett: The Waiting (CD) - SOLD OUT Peter De Havilland: Bois de boulogne (CD) - SOLD OUT Peter Howell: Legend (CD) - SOLD OUT Peter Maunu: Warm sound in a gray field (CD) - SOLD OUT PHI: Sound is Sound (CD) - SOLD OUT Phil Thornton: Alchemy (CD) - SOLD OUT Phil Thornton: Cloud Sculpting (CD) - SOLD OUT Phil Thornton: Pharaoh (CD) - SOLD OUT Phil Thornton: Alien Encounter (CD) - SOLD OUT Phil Thornton: Sorcerer (CD) - SOLD OUT Phil Thornton: Shaman (CD) - SOLD OUT Philip O'Donohoe: Dharma (CD) - SOLD OUT Philippe Fichot: Sombre Printemps Ambient And Film Music (CD) - SOLD OUT Phonosynthese : Lebensstrom (CD) - SOLD OUT R Howes & Rod Argent: Rescue (CD) - SOLD OUT Radio Massacre International: Frozen North (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Random Factor: Purist Images From Conceptual Reality (CD) - SOLD OUT Ravi Chawla: Chakra - Music for the Mind, Body & Spirit (CD) - SOLD OUT Ray Lynch: Nothing Above My Shoulder But The Evening (CD) - SOLD OUT Ready made: URO breaks (CD) - SOLD OUT REQ : Sketchbook (CD) - SOLD OUT Robert Leiner: Visions of the past (CD) - SOLD OUT Robert Slap: Ascension To The All That Is (CD) - SOLD OUT Roedelius & Alquimia: Move and Resonate (CD) - SOLD OUT Roger Eno: Between tides (CD) - SOLD OUT Roger Eno: Swimming (CD) - SOLD OUT Roger Eno & Kate St John: The Familiar (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Roger Eno & Lol Hammond: Damage (CD) - SOLD OUT Runestone: Mysteries (CD) - SOLD OUT Russell Mills: Strange Familiar (CD) - SOLD OUT Scala: Compass heart (CD) - SOLD OUT She One: AutoGallery (CD) - SOLD OUT Stephen Caudel: Wine Dark Sea (CD) - SOLD OUT Steve Jolliffe : Journeys out of the body (CD) - SOLD OUT Steve Jolliffe : Temmenu (CD) - SOLD OUT Steve Law: News From the Sun (CD) - SOLD OUT Steve Parsons: Dreams of Gold (CD) - SOLD OUT Steve Thomas: More people have been to moon (CD) - SOLD OUT Steven Halpern : Gaia's Groove (CD) - SOLD OUT Stevie Be Zet : Archaic Modulation (CD) - SOLD OUT Sufi: Life's rising (CD) - SOLD OUT Sun Electric: Present (CD) - SOLD OUT Terrace of memories: Terrace of memories (CD) - SOLD OUT Terry Oldfield : Spiral Waves (CD) - SOLD OUT Terry Oldfield : Out of the Depths (CD) - SOLD OUT Terry Oldfield : Reverence (CD) - SOLD OUT Terry Oldfield : All The Rivers Gold (CD) - SOLD OUT Terry Oldfield : Australia (CD) - SOLD OUT Tim Wheater: Heart Land (CD) - SOLD OUT Tim Wheater: Invisible Journeys (CD) - SOLD OUT Tim Wheater: Awakenings (CD) - SOLD OUT Torch Song: Toward The Unknown Region (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: A Brief History Of Ambient Volume 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Tranquility: Wild Waters (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: A brief History of Ambient Volume 1 (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: Ambient Northern Lights Vol 1 (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Glitters Is Gold (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Infinite Excursions 3 (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Mind Out (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Some music is Private Music (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Serious Road Trip (3xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: State of the Art Vol 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Talking to god (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Zauber of Music (CD) - SOLD OUT Violet Indiana: Roulette (CD) - SOLD OUT Voices Of The Earth: The Ocean (CD) - SOLD OUT Voices Of The Earth: Thunderstorm (CD) - SOLD OUT Wandering Soul: Wandering Soul (CD) - SOLD OUT William Ellwood: Renaissance (CD) - SOLD OUT Worm is Green: Automagic (CD) - SOLD OUT Yanni: Chameleon Days (CD) - SOLD OUT

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Audiostrobe Collection Vol II, Audiostrobe £30.00 Catalogue of Desires Vol3 , Loop Guru £12.00 The Taste of Tranquillity - Guided Meditation for All, Chris Burrows £5.00 Free, Libera £5.00 Deep Roots And Future Grooves, Various £3.00 A Feast For The Senses, Various £2.00 Psi Co , Psi  £50.00 Retreat Soundworld, Various £3.00
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sound of flak unbalanced

Limited edition CD with some fabulous electronic ambient style tunes. Buy it here Sound of Flak: The Unbalanced Or spend £50 and get the promo version for free!

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