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Various: Folkal Point Edinburgh pre-owned CD for sale

These CD Albums in the World/Folk Music section are all second-hand CD albums, some pre-owned, some are as new. Each CD has been checked and a description of condition added. If you want any specific information email us via the contact page. The track listing should be correct, but if you see an error please let us know.

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Afro Celt Sound System: Volume 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Al-Fath, Al-Hujurat, Qaf,Jaz' Adh-Dhariya, Al-Mujadilah: Al Quaran Al Kareem (CD) - SOLD OUT Amanaska: Panorama (CD) - SOLD OUT ana silvera: The Aviary (CD) - SOLD OUT Arabesque: Tlata 3 (CD) - SOLD OUT Bachelors: Best Of The Batchelors (CD) - SOLD OUT Bali : Reflections of a tranquil paradise (CD) - SOLD OUT Beautiful World: In existence (CD) - SOLD OUT Ben Harper: Live From Mars (CD) - SOLD OUT Bjork : Gling-Glo (CD) - SOLD OUT Bob Dylan: Tell Tale Signs (CD) - SOLD OUT Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde (CD) - SOLD OUT Box Club : Box Club (CD) - SOLD OUT Budapest Gypsy Orchestra: Budapest Gypsy Orchestra (CD) - SOLD OUT Bushtucker: Skyscraping (CD) - SOLD OUT Carlou D : Muzikr (CD) - SOLD OUT Cassell Webb: Songs Of A Stranger (CD) - SOLD OUT Celtarabia: The lost music of Celtarabia (CD) - SOLD OUT Chronomad: Sokut (CD) - SOLD OUT Clannad: Lore/Themes And Dreams (CD) - SOLD OUT Clannad: an diolaim (CD) - SOLD OUT Clannad: Magical Ring (CD) - SOLD OUT Cocos Lovers : Johannes (CD) - SOLD OUT Corrs: in blue (CD) - SOLD OUT Corrs: Talk on Corners (CD) - SOLD OUT Corrs: Unplugged live MTV (CD) - SOLD OUT Damien Rice: 9 (CD) - SOLD OUT David Fanshawe: Kenya Tanzania Witchcraft Ritual Music (CD) - SOLD OUT Djivan Gasparyan: Moon Shines At Night (CD) - SOLD OUT Enigma: The Cross of Change ltd (CD) - SOLD OUT Enrique Morente: Lorca (CD) - SOLD OUT Enya: A Day Without Rain (CD) - SOLD OUT Enya: Shepherds Moon (CD) - SOLD OUT Enya: The Celts (CD) - SOLD OUT Enya: Watermark (CD) - SOLD OUT Enya: Memory of Trees (CD) - SOLD OUT Fantastic Ethnic: Balinese temple dances (CD) - SOLD OUT Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes (CD) - SOLD OUT Guan Guo Sheng: Asian Senerity (CD) - SOLD OUT Hollie Smith: Light From a Distant Shore (CD) - SOLD OUT Hurakan: Voices of the Wind (CD) - SOLD OUT Iarla O Lionaird : Seven steps to Mercy (CD) - SOLD OUT Inkary: Sacred Hill (CD) - SOLD OUT Inti Raymi: Inti Raymi (CD) - SOLD OUT Iron On Stone: Iron On Stone (CD) - SOLD OUT Jamie McClennan : In Transit (CD) - SOLD OUT Jill Sobule: Pink Pearl (CD) - SOLD OUT Jo Kaiat: Departures (CD) - SOLD OUT Jocelyn Pook: Untold Things (CD) - SOLD OUT Kathryn Williams: Old Low Light (CD) - SOLD OUT Kathryn Williams: Relations (CD) - SOLD OUT Kristin Hersh: The Grotto (CD) - SOLD OUT La Zag: Hic Sunt Leones (CD) - SOLD OUT Lama Gyurme & Jean Philippe Rykiel: Rain of Blessings (CD) - SOLD OUT Mary Black: Babes In The Wood (CD) - SOLD OUT Mary Black: Circus (CD) - SOLD OUT Mary Lorson And Saint Low: Tricks For Dawn (CD) - SOLD OUT Mercan Dede: Secret Tribe (CD) - SOLD OUT Modou Diouf & Beugue Djam: A-Gara (CD) - SOLD OUT Nigel Stonier: Brimstone & Blue (CD) - SOLD OUT Nitin Sawhney: Beyond Skin (CD) - SOLD OUT Nitin Sawhney: Displacing the Priest (CD) - SOLD OUT Nitin Sawhney: Human (CD) - SOLD OUT Nitin Sawhney: Migration (CD) - SOLD OUT Nitin Sawhney: Prophesy (CD) - SOLD OUT Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Star Rise Remixed (CD) - SOLD OUT Omar Ka: H.O.W (CD) - SOLD OUT Osibisa: The Very Best of (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Ottmar Liebert: Euphoria (CD) - SOLD OUT Patato: Legend of Cuban Percussion (CD) - SOLD OUT Philippe Eidel: Imuhar (CD) - SOLD OUT Ruby Blue: Almost Naked (CD) - SOLD OUT Runrig: Long Distance (the best of) (CD) - SOLD OUT Russell James Dawson: Koomurri (CD) - SOLD OUT Sacred Chants: (CD) - SOLD OUT Sacred Spirit : Chants and Dances of Native (CD) - SOLD OUT Sacred Spirit : Chants and Dances of Native (CD) - SOLD OUT Sacred Spirit : Volume 2 Culture Clash (CD) - SOLD OUT Sam Genders: Seven Tracks (CD) - SOLD OUT Sean Rowe : Magic (CD) - SOLD OUT Spirit of the West: Two headed (CD) - SOLD OUT Sumaj Rumi: Ayrachi (CD) - SOLD OUT Talvin Singh: Ha (CD) - SOLD OUT Talvin Singh: Ok (CD) - SOLD OUT Thea Gilmore: loft music (CD) - SOLD OUT Thea Gilmore: Rules for Jokers (CD) - SOLD OUT Thierry David : Asian reflections In down tempo mode (CD) - SOLD OUT Tibetan Incantations: Tibetan Incantations (CD) - SOLD OUT Tim Burgess: I Believe (CD) - SOLD OUT Trial of the Bow: Rite of Passage (CD) - SOLD OUT U-Cef: Halallium (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Indian Meditation (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: 10 Years Sattva Music (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Arabic Chillout (3xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: Real World 1995 Sampler (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Buddha Beats (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: El Condor Pasa - Pan Pipes of the Andes (2xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: Night In Istanbul (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Outcaste Untouchable Beats (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Magic Sound Of Pan Pipes 2 (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Afrotech (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Pomegranates (CD) - SOLD OUT Various: Arabic Beats (3xCD) - SOLD OUT Various: Africa Journeys (2xCD) - SOLD OUT World without Walls: Mother Groove (CD) - SOLD OUT Zakir Hussain: The One And Only (CD) - SOLD OUT Zohar: Onethreeseven (CD) - SOLD OUT

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On Trial Songs For Parents Who Enjoy Drugs, Hamell £4.00 Folkal Point Edinburgh, Various £3.00 On A Journey, Perhaps £5.00 Khuluma Lami (talk to me), Black Umfolosi 5 £7.00 Desafinado 2, Various £5.00 Machu Picchu  , Kanchay £7.00 The Love Junk Store, Alice Band £0.25 Buddhist Chillout, Various £3.00
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