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Budapest Gypsy Orchestra: Budapest Gypsy Orchestra - £8.00

Budapest Gypsy Orchestra by Budapest Gypsy Orchestra is on the Hungaroton Classic label and for sale on in CD format for just £8.00. It is a second-hand CD with a catalogue number of HCD 10233 and the condition is very good. It comes with the original case and inserts unless stated in the condition field below.


Budapest Gypsy Orchestra


World/Folk Music

published year:



Hungaroton Classic

cat no:

HCD 10233







very good
  • Budapest Gypsy Orchestra Track List:
  • 1 The Kallo Double Dance 4:49
    2 Madocsa Dances 6:35
    3 Colonel Hadik's Tune 4:50
    4 Cards From Gyerovasarhely 4:37
    5 Kuruts Songs 4:41
    6 Hungarian Rhapsody No. 15 5:30
    7 In Memory of Bihari 5:00
    8 Concert Quick In A Major 2:11
    9 Repülj Fecském = Fly Swallow 7:42
    10 Song Medley 9:26
    11 Csárdás 4:28
    12 Csárdás Variations 5:32

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Budapest Gypsy Orchestra
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