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Darkroom  Daylight  pre-owned CD single for sale

These CD Singles in the Electronic section are all second-hand CD singles, some pre-owned, some are as new. Each CD has been checked and a description of condition added. If you want any specific information email us via the contact page. The track listing should be correct, but if you see an error please let us know.

If you cannot find what you are looking for get in touch we may be able to locate the item.

808 State: Azura CD2 (CDs) - SOLD OUT 808 State: Bond (CDs) - SOLD OUT Air: Sexy Boy (CDs) - SOLD OUT Autechre: Anvil Vapre (CDs) - SOLD OUT Autechre: Basscad Ep (CDs) - SOLD OUT Bentley Rhythm Ace: How'd I Do Dat??? (CDs) - SOLD OUT British Electronic Foundation : Family affair (CDs) - SOLD OUT BT : Loving You More (CDs) - SOLD OUT BT : Loving You More (CDs) - SOLD OUT Cinematic Orchestra: To Build A Home (CDs) - SOLD OUT Cornelius: Cornelius Remixes (CDs) - SOLD OUT Doctor Spin: Tetris (CDs) - SOLD OUT Dub Train: Pam Pam (CDs) - SOLD OUT Electronic : Vivid (CDs) - SOLD OUT Emetrex: The Birds Your Brothers (CDs) - SOLD OUT Empirion: b.e.t.a. (CDs) - SOLD OUT Erasure: Always remixes (CDs) - SOLD OUT Erasure: Run to the sun remixes (CDs) - SOLD OUT Erasure: Stay with me mixes (CDs) - SOLD OUT Family Values: Diff'rent Sound (CDs) - SOLD OUT Future sound of London : we have explosives (CDs) - SOLD OUT Future sound of London : we have explosives remixes (CDs) - SOLD OUT Gentle People, The: Emotion Heater (CDs) - SOLD OUT Gus Gus : Polyesterday (CDs) - SOLD OUT Heaven 17: Temptation (CDs) - SOLD OUT Jean Michel Jarre: Chronologie (Part 6) Slam & Gat D?cor remixes (CDs) - SOLD OUT Locust: Your Selfish Ways (CDs) - SOLD OUT Locust: Your Selfish Ways rare promo (CDs) - SOLD OUT Monk & Canatella: Slagger (CDs) - SOLD OUT Moogwai: Viola (CDs) - SOLD OUT Mr Fogg: Stung (CDs) - SOLD OUT Orb : Perpetual Dawn (CDs) - SOLD OUT Orb : Asylum CD1 (CDs) - SOLD OUT Orb : Sentinel (CDs) - SOLD OUT Orb : Toxygene (CDs) - SOLD OUT Orbital: The Saint (CDs) - SOLD OUT Orbital: Halcyon (CDs) - SOLD OUT Orbital: iii (CDs) - SOLD OUT Orbital: Midnight (CDs) - SOLD OUT Orbital: Satan Live CD2 (CDs) - SOLD OUT Orbital: The Box (CDs) - SOLD OUT Photek : Modus Operandi (CDs) - SOLD OUT Portishead: Glory Box (CDs) - SOLD OUT Portishead: Numb (CDs) - SOLD OUT Portishead: Sour Times (CDs) - SOLD OUT Pressure Drop : Warrior Sound (CDs) - SOLD OUT Ragga Twins : EP (CDs) - SOLD OUT Richard X: You Used To (CDs) - SOLD OUT Skinny: Morning Light (CDs) - SOLD OUT Skinny: Sweet Thing (CDs) - SOLD OUT Soundgrenade: Popcorn (CDs) - SOLD OUT Spek: I'm A Hippie (CDs) - SOLD OUT Sub Sub : This Time I'm Not Wrong (CDs) - SOLD OUT Sven Vath : Fusion CD2 (CDs) - SOLD OUT United States of Electronica: Open Your Eyes (CDs) - SOLD OUT Vitro: Orange (CDs) - SOLD OUT Warp Brothers: Phatt Bass (CDs) - SOLD OUT Wildchild: Renegade Master 98 (CDs) - SOLD OUT Zero 7: Throw It All Away (CDs) - SOLD OUT

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Journey to centre of the mind, Chemical Pilot £15.00 Conquest Of Paradise, The Gino Marinello Orchestra £8.00 Meridian, Ian Pooley £7.00 Dragonseidr, Pagan Dub Lord  £10.00 Pre Earthquake Anthem, Circlesquare  £5.00 The world of Bleep & Booster (signed), Bleep & Booster £40.00 Pomme Fritz, Orb  £5.00 Aphex Twin, Richard d James £5.00
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sound of flak unbalanced

Limited edition CD with some fabulous electronic ambient style tunes. Buy it here Sound of Flak: The Unbalanced Or spend £50 and get the promo version for free!

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