Christopher Franke New Music For Films CD

Christopher Franke: New Music For Films - £0.89

New Music For Films by Christopher Franke is on the Varese Sarabande label and for sale on in CD format for just £0.89. It is a second-hand CD with a catalogue number of VSD 5393 and the condition is as new. It comes with the original case and inserts unless stated in the condition field below.


New Music For Films



published year:



Varese Sarabande

cat no:

VSD 5393






as new
  • New Music For Films Track List:
  • 1. Main Title
    2. Big Country
    3. Dramatic Ride
    4. The Run
    5. Getting Ready To Attack
    6. Memories Of Maria
    7. The Attack
    8. Will He Return?
    9. Quiet Ocean
    10. The Battle Begins
    11. The Victory
    12. Hidden Tears
    13. The Fight
    14. Romance Becomes Pain
    15. The Battle Continues
    16. Mysterious Discovery
    17. Lurking Shadow
    18. The Shock
    19. Dream Sequence
    20. Doomed
    21. Threatening
    22. Quiet Ocean Reprise
    23. Creepy
    24. Steven Stole It

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Christopher Franke
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