Various House of Joy 1 2xCD

Various: House of Joy 1 - £4.20

House of Joy 1 by Various is on the SPV label and for sale on in 2xCD format for just £4.20. It is a second-hand 2xCD with a catalogue number of dcd 089-47092 and the condition is Case as new cds has a couple of very fine small scratches. It comes with the original case and inserts unless stated in the condition field below.


House of Joy 1



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dcd 089-47092






Excellent progressive and hypnotic compilation by Doc Otto and My-T Sharp with card sleeve


Case as new cds has a couple of very fine small scratches
  • House of Joy 1 Track List:
  • CD1 Goa Trance
    01 Elysium Master Of The Rainforest (Electric Nature Remix)
    02 Indoor Shiva
    03 Green Nuns Of The Revolution Two Vindaloos & An Onion Bhagee
    04 Power Source Gargamel
    05 Chakra & Edi Mis X-File (The Monkey Mix)
    06 Encens Spiritual Transgression
    07 Power Source Goaway
    08 Syb Unity Nettwerk Lost World
    09 Green Nuns Of The Revolution Ring Of Fire
    10 Virtual Zenith Firhouse

    CD 2 Progressive House
    01 Urban Clockers Storyteller
    02 HMC LSD
    03 K. Hand Psycho World
    04 Pako Cosmic
    05 City Man Groove Driver
    06 C-Groove DJ Hypnotiko 3 (MBG Analogic Audio Reset)
    07 S 'N' S Y.D.W.
    08 Kasjmir Gitano De Genio
    09 Drop Out Image
    10 Globe Pulse
    11 Drop Out Insanity
    12 Jimmy Crash Perfect Existance
    13 Musique de Marque Foreplay (At Midnight)

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