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Pat Benatar: the very best of - £5.00

the very best of by Pat Benatar is on the Chrysalis label and for sale on in CD format for just £5.00. It is a second-hand CD with a catalogue number of 7243 8 28408 2 4 and the condition is Very Good condition. It comes with the original case and inserts unless stated in the condition field below.


the very best of



published year:




cat no:

7243 8 28408 2 4







Very Good condition
  • the very best of Track List:
  • 1. Heartbreaker (Live) 3:26
    2. We Live For Love (Edit) 3:54
    3. Promises In The Dark 4:49
    4. Fire And Ice (Live) 3:15
    5. Ooh Ooh Song 4:09
    6. Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Live) 2:51
    7. Shadows Of The Night 3:38
    8. Anxiety (Get Nervous) 3:42
    9. I Want Out (Live) 3:43
    10. Lipstick Lies 3:50
    11. Love Is A Battlefield (Edit) 4:06
    12. We Belong 3:39
    13. All Fired Up (Single Version) 4:28
    14. Hell Is For Children (Live) 4:50
    15. Invincible (Vocal Edit) 3:59
    16. Somebody's Baby 4:22
    17. Everybody Lay Down 4:19
    18. True Love 4:39

more music by:

Pat Benatar
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