Complete list of record labels

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Redroom Saddle Creek Europe Scale Records 10xBetter
14th Floor Records 1720 Entertainment 19 Recordings 1965 Records
23 precinct 2B Free 2feet 3 Beats
301 30:30 Recordings 3Rd stone 4 AD
45k Records 4th Broadway 50 Seel Street Records 61 Seconds Records
679 Recordings 7 Grand Records 769 MPH 81 Records
A & M A Golden Dawn A List records A&E
A-Wave Aardvark Abhmusic Absolute
Abstract Sounds Academy Street Records Acid Jazz ACM
Act Music Activ ACV Ad Altiora Records
AD Music Adolescent Aerial African Tape
Aftermath AG Records Aim records Alamo Music
Albion Alien Transistor All Aboard Records All around the world
All City Music All Saints Alligator Records Almighty
Almo Alphaphone AM:PM Amaru
Ambient American Phonogram American Recordings/EyeQ AMF Music
AMP Anagram Analogic AnAnAn
Anchor and Hope Angel Angus And Julia Stone Animalhouse
Another Label Anti Anti Static Anticon
Antilles Antra Records Antstreet Records Anubis
Any Robinhood Apartment 22 Apocalypso Records Apollo
Apparition April Aquador Records Arctic
Arena Rock Ariola Arista Ariwa
Ark Armada Music Armed Art
Art Goes Pop Art Union Recordings Arts & Crafts International ASC
Ascension Asphodel Aspop Records Assembly Now Records
Astralwerks Astro Asylum Atco
Atlantic Atlantis Atmosph Audio Dregs
Audiolaceration Audion Autonomy Records Avan records
Avatar Avex Globe Axiom Azuli Records
Azwan B-Unique Baby Bird recordings Bacchus Archives
Back To Bass-X Back Yard Backwoods Records Bad Boy Entertainment
Badog Music Bags of Fun Bags of Style Band of Joy
Bar De Lune Bardic Records Barking Mad Barp
Barramundi Basic Channel Baskaru BBC
Because Music Bedroom Community Beechwood Beggars Banquet
Believe Music Bell Bella Union Bellboy
Bellmusik Beyond Music Big & Dirty Big Adventure Records
Big Brother Big Brovaz Entertainment Big Cat Big Dada
Big Figure Records Big Life Big Sleep Bigbang Records
Birth Black Beans Music Black box Music Black Cats
Black Hole Black lab recordings Black Umfolosi Blackcurrant Music
Blackend Blanco Y Negro Blang Blank Canvas
Blast Blast First Blaze Blind
Blow Up Records Blue Blue Note Blue Planet
Blue Room Blue Sword Blue Worm Records Blueberry Pie
Blueprint Bluewave Records Blunted BMG
Bns Sessions Bob Holroyd Bomp Records BooM Productions
Boring corner Botchit & Scarper Boutique Bowmans Capsule
Box Club Records Box Music Boxed Boy Scout Records
Brain Brainiak Breakbeat Kaos Breakdown Records
Breath of Salt Water Records Bright Star Brille Broken Horse
Broken Wreckordz Bronzerat Brown Babes Music Brown Punk
Brownswood Recordings Bullet Proof Bungalow Burning Airlines
Butterfly Buzz Records Byte Records C-Five Records
c-pij Cabbaged Caimbo Camino
Candlelight records Cantil Capital Carmandie Records
Caroline carpet records Carrere Cartel
Casino Casket Music Castle Castle Pulse
Catch 22 Music CATS Ltd Catskills Records Caw Records
CBS Celestial Cello Green Centaur
Centre Data Co Century Media Cest La Mort CGD East West
Chachaman Records Chalkmark Champion Records Chappell
Charisma Charley Charnal Music Charrm
Cheeky Chemikal Underground Chemistry Cherry Red
Chicken Wire records Chiller Chilli Funk China
Chromatone Chrysalis Cicada Cinerama
Circa Circular Records Circulation City Beat
City Groovez City Offices City Rockers City Slang
Clean Up Clear Clearlight Clearspot
Cleopatra Climax Club Tools CMP Records
CMS Music Coast Records Cochise Coco Machete Records
Coda Collar City Colony 2 Records Colourbox
Columbia Comedy Partners Community Library Compulsion
Concept Concrete Connoisseur Collection Conspiracy int.
Contempo Continental Drifts Control Conversion Studios
Cookie Jar Records Cooking Vinyl Cooking Vinyl cooltempo
Coriolis Cosmic Dice Cosmic Sounds Cottage Industry UK Ltd
Country Gentleman Recordings Cowboy Records Cracked Analogue Crammed Discs
Crash Records Crash Records Crass Records Creation
Creative Force Records Credence Crimson productions Critical Mass
Crumbling Tomes Archive Crumbs Music Crunk FatCat Cryonic
Cuneiform Cup of tea Curb Records Cutty Shark
Cybertech Cyclops D UHF D-Rive Records
Dance Force Dance Net Dance Paradise Dance Poo
Dance Street Dance To The Radio Danceteria Dancing Turtle
Dangerbird Dark Star Dark Vinyl Darkroom Dubs
Data Records David Gilmour Music De Angelis Records Debris
Decal Decca Deceptive Records Deck Cheese Records
Deconstruction Dedicated Deep Karma Deep Water Recordings
DEF Def Jam Defected Defend Music
Deff Trapp Dekker Records Delec Delerious
Delerium Delsin Deltasonic records Demi Monde
Demon Dental Records Depth Destructible
Detour Deutsche Grammophon Deutsche Schallplatten Gmbh Berlin Deviant
Devotion DGC Dharma Diana Princess Of Wales Memorial Fund
Dicky Communications Diety Down Records Different Drummer Digimode
Digital UK Dino Dirtee Stank Recordings Dischord
Discipline Global Mobile Discordan Disctonics Discus
Disky Distance Distiller Records Distinct ive
Distinctive breaks Disturbance Diversity Divine
DMC DNA Music Dome Dominion
Domino Domo Dorado Dorian
Dossier Dot Double Moon Double Six Records
Double Snazzy Doublevision Douglas Music Dove
Down Kiddie Downtown Downwards Dr Jim
Drag City Dragonfly Dream Catcher Dreamlab Music
Dreamscape Dreamtime Dreamworks Dreyfus
Drone Drowned In Sound Recordings Drum records Duke Records
Dune Records Duophonic Dusty Company Duty Free Recordings
Dynamica E G music E-Park E.M.I
Eagle Earache East West Eastern Bloc
Eat Electric Records Ebul Echo ECM
Edel Edible Broadcasts Edition EG Editions Milan
EGG Eidechse Eighteenth Street Lounge Music Electra
Eleganz Elektolux Elevated Soul Elfinston
Ellebore ELT Records Elysian records Emanate Records
Emergency Broadcast emFire EMI Classics EMI Music Japan
Emigre Emperor Emperor Norton Empire Records
Epic Epitaph Equal Vision Equator Records
Erdenklang Eruption Escapade esovision
ESP Eternal Etherean Euphonium
Euro Media/SPV Eurock Europa Ever Records
Everlasting Exceptional Expansion Extra Mile Records
Eye Industries Eye Q F Communications F Jams
Fabric Records Factory fairy snuff Faith & Hope Records Limited
Falasha Fallout Recordings Family Tree Music Fantazia
Fast FAT CAT Fat Northerner Fauve
FAX Faze 2 fbi records Fetish
Feverpitch ffrr Ffrreedom Fiction
Fierce Fierce Panda Fight Evil records FinalImage
Finder Keepers Fine Finest Gramophone Fire
Firm & Fruity FiXiT Flagbearer FLEX Club
FLEX Records Denmark Flight Plan Records Flip Floating Eye
Fluid Flying Rhino Flying Sparks Fontana
Food Food For Thought Food4DaBrain Force Inc
Force Lab Force Tracks Fortuna Foundation Music
Fourbeat Records Fourth & Broadway Frantic Records free2air record
Freeflow Records Freestyle Fresh FRG Records
Frizz Records Frofunk Frontier Records Fruition
Fuel Records FueledByRamen Full Circle Full Time Hobby
Funtime Records Furious? Records Future Art Productions Future Beats
Future Legend Records FXU G-Stone Galaxis
Gamma Prance Gang Go Music Gatecrasher Gazole
Gee Street Geffen Genepool General production Recordings
Generic Genetic Records George Street Records Gerturde
GFUK Records Giant records Gladden Pictures Gladrag
Gliss Glitterhouse records Global GRA 591002 Global i
Global Television Records Global Underground Global Warmings Globe Records
Glory Songs Go Beat Go Discs Go Records
God Bless Records Godlike & Electric Records Going For a Song Gold Suite Records
Golden Dawn Golden Flute Golden Touch Records Gomma
Good Looking Gooom Gr8pop Trading Ltd Grand Royale
Grapevine Grass Records Graveyard Gravity
Greensleeves Greentrax Grinnigogs Groove Kissing
Groove Records GRP Records Guardian Guerilla
Guernica Guidance recordings Gunner Records Guppy
gut Records Hallmark Halloween Society Hallucination
Halo Records Happy Robots Hard Hands Hard Leaders
Harthouse Harvest Hassle Records Head
Headphone Dust Heartstar Music Heat Recordings Heavenley
Heist Heliotrinox Helium Hellcat
Hellfire Help Herbsanic Hi Life Recordings
High Noon recordings High on Rhythm High Society Music Higher Ground
Higher limits Higher State Records Hit & Run Hit Label
Hit Records HMV Holborne Holistic
Holloway Hit Factory Hollywood records Home Home Boy
Honey Bee Hooj Choons Hooked Up records Hope Recordings
Hopeless Records HOS Household Name Records HTD Records
Humbug Hummer Hungry and the Hunted Hungry Dog
Hungry Kid Hut Huygen Corporation Hydrogen Dukebox
Hyperdisc Hyperium Hypnote Recording Concern Hypoxia
I.C. Ibizarre Iconic Ignition music
iht Records Illegal gathering Illuminated Illusive
Illustrious Imagemaker Imaginary Records Imortal
Impact inak Incarnation Records Incentive
Incidental INCredible Indecision Records Independiente
Indigenous Australia Indochina Indolent indoor
Industrial Inevitable Infectious Inferno
Infinite Bloom Recordings Infinite Mass Infinity Infrared
Ink Records Inner Sanctuary Innocent Inside Out
InsideOut Music Instant Karma Instinct Institute Recordings
Intact Integrity records Inter-modo Interactive
Interfischire Internal Internal Bass Internal Dance
Interscope Intruder Invader Invisible Hands
Invisible Records Iris Light Irma IRS
Island Island Def Jam ISO ITN
Ivolution Records Ivy League J Records Jade
Jadoo Jaffles Jagjaguwar Jam Creative Productions
Jamcat Records Jammin Jaxx FM JBO
Jeepster Jelly Maid Music Jet Star Jetset Records
JIVE Jive Electro Johnny Boy Records Jumpin & Pumpin
Junior Junior Boy's Own Just Create Just Music
JVC K Scope K-Tel K2O
K7 Kaiser Music KAK Kama Sutra Buddah Records
Karamel Music Collective Karma Lion Records Kartel Kemado Records
Kenetic Kerb Music Kick in Kill City Records
Kind Canyon Kinetix King Dice King Sol Records
Kiss Of Death Kitchenware KK KLF Communications
Klone Kog Koka Kompakt
Kontor Records kooky Kordula Korova
Kosmische KRAM Kuckuck Kudex
Kung Fu recordings Label of Love Labels Labrador Records
Lacerba Ladomat LaFace Lakota
Land Landspeed Records Laurel Bank Records Lava
Lavolta Records Le Son du Maquis Leaf Lechner Euromusic
Leech Leguan Lemon Records Les disques Cre
Levelsound Lex records Liberty Licensedmusic
Lickin' Records Licking Fingers Life is Easy Life's a riot
Limbo Records Limited edition Linermedia Linn Records
Liquid Groove Little Jem Little League Productions Little Tokyo Records
Live Line Lizard King Records Lo recordings Loaded Dice Records
Locked on Logic London Longest Mile Records
Loog Records Loosegroove Loosened Recordings Lossol Entertainment
Lost Legion Loud Records Louiseville Records Love This Records
Low Price Music Luddite Lusty Records Lynx
Lyric Jazz M Records Mad Cow Records Magic Space
Magick Eye Magna Music Magnam Magnet
Mainline scott 2CD Make Mine Malarky Malawi
Malligator Malpractice Mambo Musik Man Made Media
Mango Manhattan Records Maniac Squat Records Manifesto
Mantra Map Records Maquis Marbles Records Ltd
Matador Matinee Matsuri Maverick
Max MBA Records MCA MCI
Measured Records Media Records Medium Productions Limited Mega
Megabop Records Melody Maker Melon Music Melon Records
Memphis Industries Merciful Release Mercury Mesmobeat
Metronome Metropolis MFS MGA
mgl MGM Midi Inc Mighty
Mighty Atom Milan Mille Plateaux Millenium
Mind the Magic Ministry Mint Music Mirage
Miramar MN Records Mo Wax Mod Art Sounds
Modular Moksha Mokum Mole Listening Pearls
Mona Records Monkey Puzzle Records Monkey Wrench monu
Moonshine Morr Music Moseley Records Moshi Moshi Records
Moth Lantern Mother Mother City Motherland Entertainment
Motor music Motown Movement Movin Melodies
Moving Shadow Mr Riddles Music Multimood Multiply
Murmer Mushroom Music by Marcey Music Choice
Music Club Music Collection Music Digital Music for Nations
Music Suite Music Unites Musicline Mute
Mute Irregulars Muzamuza Mystic Mystic Stones
N-Gram n/a N1kki Promotions Ltd N2K Publishing
Nada Pulse Naked Tree Recordings Narada Narc Media
Nascente Nation Native Navada
Necessary Records Negative Emission Nelson Word Nemesis Records
Neo Ouija Neo Records Ltd Neoteric Nettwerk
Network Records Neuronium records New beginning New Earth
New Hawen New State Entertainment New World Newgate records
Nika D O O Ninewells Ninja Tune Nitro Records
NMC NME/Manticore No bones No Carbon
Nocturnal Nomadic Nonesuch Noo Trybe
North Country North South Northwestside Records Nothing Records
Nova Nova Zembla Novaera NovaMute
Novus Now Music NS-Com Ntone
Nuclear Blast Nude Nukleuz NuLife Recordings
Nuphonic Nutrition Nuxx Nylon Records
Oblique Sound Obscure Ochre Records Octavo
Ocypha Productions OFB Off beat Offside
Ohm Recordings Ltd Ojas Music Omnisonic One Little Indian
One Records One Way Records Opal Open Toe Records
Orange Ore Organic Recordings origo
Other Out of Romford Outcaste Outersanctum
Output Oval Ovum Recordings Oxfam Records
Pacha Recordings Paisley Palace of lights Pan East
Pantunes Paper Garden Paper garden Records Paragon
Parlaphone Passion Passion Jazz Passport
Pattern 25 Payday Peace Peacefrog
Pegasus Pepper Records Perfecto Permanent Records
Perro Verde PH Communications Pharm Phd
Phoebus Phonogram Piano Pias
Pickwick Music Pierre Verany PIKnMIX Pilz
Pimp Music Pinnacle Pitch Control Planet
Planet 3 records Planet Dog Planet Mu Planet Noisebox
Plastic Surgery Platform Records Platipus Play it again Sam
Play Louder Recordings Plink Plonk Pod 13 Point Music
Point Productions Pointy Records Pokisso Records Polar
Polydor Polygram Poptones Records Portrait
Positiva Prank Monkey Prime Priority Records
Prism Leisure Private Product Recordings Production House records
Profile Records Ltd Projekt Propain Provogue Music
ProZak Prudence pscape Psi
PSY Harmonics Public Symphony Puck Puff Daddy Records
Pukka Records Pulse Pulse 8 Pulse Soniq
PURE Pure Mint recordings Pure Silk Records PVC
PWL QED Quality Price Music Quality Recordings
Quango Quarnock Recordings Quarterstick Records Quicksilver Recordings
Quigley Records R & S Racket Radarscope
Radiate Records Radikal Records Radioactive rainravens
Ramble Ranzuli's Music Rapster Records Rastafenian Records
Raven Records Rawkus Razzia RCA
React Real 25 Real World Realisation
Realworld Recall Recognition Recon
Recordings Of Substance Recordings Under Construction Recycle or die Red Bullet
Red Deer Club Red eye records Red Flame Red Girl Records
Red Rhino Red Rose Recordings Redcase Productions Redhouse
Reef Reflective Reflex Regal Recordings
Regen Records Regency Relapse Relativity
Relentless Renaissance Renk Records Repeat Records
Rephlex Repo Records Reprise Restless
Resurgence Retribution Retro Return to the Source
Reveal Records Revega Rhythm King Records Rialto
Riddim Killa Riff Raff Productions Righteous Babe Records Rinse it out
Ripe Rising High Rising Records Ritornell
Road Runner Robot Arm Music Robs Roc-A-Fella Records
Rocket Rocket Girl Rocks Rocstar Recordings
Rogues Gallery Ronco Ronin Records rootlight
Rosette Productions Roswell recordings Rough Rough Technology
Rough Trade Rounder Records Rowdy Farrago Ruffa Lane
Ruffhouse RuffNeck Ting Records Rumble Rumour
Runciter Rune Rush Associated Ruthless records
RYKO Rykodisc S3 Sabres of Paradise
Saint George Sajja Records Salt San Remo
Sanctuary Midline Sanctury Sat?lite K Satallite
Sattva Saurkraut records SBK Records Schizofreniks Records
Schtumm SCM Records Screams Of Salvation Seagull music
Second Skin Second Wave Secret Of Life Secretly Canadian
Sensor Sentrax Sequel Seraphic
Sergent Major Compagnie Selection Serious Seriously Groovy Music Setanta
Seven Entertainment Seven Stars Seven Twenty Three Shadow Records
Shady records Sheffield Tunes Shifty Disco Shindig
Shock records Shut Up And Dance Shy Records Side walk Ltd
Sideburn Sidelake productions Sideonedummy Records Sidew7lk
Sidewinder Sounds Silent Silent Pocket Records Silva Screen
Silvertone Simbiose Simple Records sine
Sing Sing Sinnbus Sire Siskin Music
Sit Tight Situation 2 Six degrees Six6
Skam SKG Music Skint Skintone
Skipping Beats Sky Skyway Slam
Slaughterback Slinky Music Slow Train Records sm )e
SMALL Small Dog Music smekkleysa Smoke & Mirrors
Smokin Cactus Smuggler Records SMWO Snake Eyes
Snapper Snowdog Soft Top Music Solid State
Solo records Soma Recordings Some Bizzare Somerset Entertainment
Son Records Sona Gaia Sonar Kollektiv Sonic
Sonic Groove Sonic images Sonig Sony
Sony R&S SOS Recordings Sound Design Sound of Flak Records
Soundcakes SoundRx Soundscape Music Sour Mash
Source South West Recordings Southern Fried Records Sovereign Entertainment
SPA FA Space Teddy Specific Records Spectrum
Spheric BV Spin Magazine Splendid Records Spoon Spor Sport
Sprawl Spring Hill Music SPV Squat
SSR Staalplaat Starfight Starfisch Records
Start Steamhammer Steamin Soundworks Step 2
Steppin Out Records Stiff Still Water records Stockholm Records
Stoned Asia Stonetrax Storm Straight Ahead
Strand Strange Addiction Records Strange Coincidences Strange Fruit Records
Street Dreams Stress Strictly Rhythm Studio !K7
Studio 38 Stylus Music Sub Pop Records sub rosa
Sub-Mariner Records Suberbs of hell Subjugation Sublime
Subversive Success Suckapunch Records Sugarlow Records
Sugarstar Sulphur Records Sum Records Summertime Publishing
Sunday Best Sundus Sunset Sunshine Entertainment
Super Quality Recordings Superstar Music Superstition Superstudio
Sure Shot Recordings Surreal Music Surrender All Survivor Records
Swanyard Swarf finger Sweat Sweat Box
SX Records Sympomania Recordings Synchronicity Records Synergy
Synsound Syntasy Synthetic Symphony Systematic
T:me Taang Tadream Talkin Loud
Talking in Tones Tall Order Tangled Up Taste
TdV Records TEC Technical Telefunken
Telstar Tempel Tempo Ten
Terrapin terrorizer The Absolute Belters The All Blacks
The Beats The Cutting Edge The Grey Area The Really Useful Group
The Right Stuff The Ruf label The Store For Music The Sunday Times
The Tiny Music Theta Third Mind Third Side records
Thorpe Records Three Beat Music Three Lines Record three8 records
thrill Thrill Jockey Thunder bolt Tibet Recordings
Tidy Time Records Time Squared Music Productions Time Warner
TIP World TOC recordings Todtenschlaf Toko
Tommy Boy Tone Casualties Tongue & Groove Too Pure
TootnHerb Toshiba Total Total vegas
Touch Touch And Go Touchdown Trackside Records
Trade 2 Traffic Records Trance Syndicate Transglobal
Transgressive Records Transient Records Translation Loss Rec Transmission
Trap Recordings Trauma records Tree Brain Records Tresor
Trial & Error Recordings Triloka Tring Trinity
trope Tropical Fish Music Tru Thoughts Truncheon Music
Trussed Recordings Tumi Tummy Touch Tunepony
Turbo Beat Turnbuckle Records Tush Tuxedo Music
TVT Twin Fizz Records Twisted UA
UDC UGT Ultimate Ultimate Dilemma
Ultra Modern Ultramack UMG Recordings Undergroove
Underwater Records Undo Uni Recordings Union City Recordings
Union Hill Production Union Square United Dairies Uniton
Unity Universal Universal egg Universal Island Records
Unknown Territory unmarked label Untime Records Upfront
Uppercrust records Urban Urban Heat Urtovox
Urus V-Wax V2 Vagrant
Varese Sarabande VC Recordings Ventura Venue Publishing
Vertical Vertigo Verve Music Group Vestron
Vibe tribe productions Victory Viking Legacy Vinyl hiss
Virgin Records Visible Noise Vision Music Vision Soundcarriers
Visionary Communications Vital Voiceprint Vow
VP Records W14 Music Wah Wah Wall of Sound
Wandering Aimlessly Wanted Music Warcon Enterprises Warner
Warp Waterfall records WAU / Mr. Modo Records Wave
Wax WAXUP Records Way Of Life Records WB Records
WEA Weekender Records Wessex Cancer trust Weton-Wesgram
WH Smiths When Where It's At Is Where You Are Whimsical Records
Whirligig White White Fall Records Wichita Records
Wicked World Wickerman Records Wiija Wild Bunch Records
Wildstar Records Windham Hill Windspell WindUP
Wing Wired Wired Recordings Wonderboy
Wooden Records Woodford Music Word Sound World Domination
World International Records Worldwide ultimate Wurda Mouth Records X-Clusive Records
X-static XL records Xtravaganza YAZ
Yeaah Yellow production Recording YNYS Recordings Young God Publishing
Youth Music YT Yume Zane Productions
Zenith Publishing Zensor Zeppelin Club Zero Hours Records
ZGen Zip Dog Zoe Records ZOK
Zomba Zonophone Zoo Entertainment Zoth Ommog
ZR ZTT ZuKriS zulu
Zuma Recordings ZYX Zzonked ZZT
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