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These CDs in the Hard Rock/Metal section are all second-hand CD albums, some pre-owned, some as new. Each CD album has been checked and a description of condition added. If you want any specific information email us via the contact page. The track listing should be correct if you think there's an error let us know.

If you cannot find what you are looking for get in touch we may be able to locate the item.

Aisling : Stone of Light £4.00
Alice In Chains : Facelift: SOLD OUT
Alice In Chains : Live: SOLD OUT
Andromeda : II=I: SOLD OUT
Auf Der Maur : Auf Der Maur £5.00
Big Road Breaker : Don't fuck with angels £40.00
Black Crowes : Lions: SOLD OUT
Black Maria : Lead Us To Reason £3.00
Cathedral : the VIIth coming: SOLD OUT
Coheed and Cambria : In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3: SOLD OUT
Corporation 187 : Subliminal Fear: SOLD OUT
Cradle Of Filth : Cruelty And The Beast : SOLD OUT
Day Of Atonement : Cremation Of Guilty: SOLD OUT
Deep Purple : Rapture Of The Deep: SOLD OUT
Deftones : Adrenaline: SOLD OUT
Deftones : White Pony £4.00
Deftones : Deftones: SOLD OUT
Der Untermensch : The Man In the Planet: SOLD OUT
Eclipse : The Act Of Degradation £9.99
Eclipse : Dorsacharm's Venomous Colours £5.00
Fates Warning : Parallels: SOLD OUT
Foredirelifesake : Dance.Pretend.Forget.Defend £5.00
Gwynbleidd : Nostalgia: SOLD OUT
Him : Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights : SOLD OUT
Him : Greatest Lovesongs: SOLD OUT
Him : Razorblade Romance £4.00
Hoobastank : Hoobastank £4.00
Hoobastank : The Reason £4.00
In This Moment : Beautiful Tragedy [Enhanced]: SOLD OUT
Incubus : Enjoy Incubus: SOLD OUT
Incubus : Fungus Amongus: SOLD OUT
Incubus : Make Yourself: SOLD OUT
Korn : Follow the Leader: SOLD OUT
Korn : Korn: SOLD OUT
Korn : Life is Peachy: SOLD OUT
Korn : Issues : SOLD OUT
Landmines : Landmines: SOLD OUT
Limp Bizkit : Significant other : SOLD OUT
Limp Bizkit : Significant other £7.00
Limp Bizkit : Chocolate Starfish and the hot dog flavour: SOLD OUT
Limp Bizkit : Three dollar bill Vall: SOLD OUT
Little Angels : Little of the Past £5.00
Manes : How the World Came to An End £6.00
Maruta : In Narcosis: SOLD OUT
Mastodon : Crack The Skye £2.00
Mendeed : Te Dead Live By Love £5.00
Metallica : Load: SOLD OUT
Ministry : Filth pig: SOLD OUT
Mithras : Behind the Shadows Lie Madness: SOLD OUT
Mr Bungle : Disco Volante: SOLD OUT
My Way My Love : A Holy Land Invader £45.00
My Way My Love : Joy £45.00
My Way My Love : Nothing Is Difficult To Those Who Have The Will £5.00
Nerve : Cancer of Choice: SOLD OUT
Nickelback : The Long Road: SOLD OUT
Nightwish : Once: SOLD OUT
Nightwish : Dark Passion Play : SOLD OUT
Nightwish : End of An Era: SOLD OUT
Nine Inch Nails : The Downward Spiral: SOLD OUT
Nine Inch Nails : The Downward Spiral : SOLD OUT
Nirvana : Bleach: SOLD OUT
Nirvana : Nevermind: SOLD OUT
Nirvana : Unplugged in New York: SOLD OUT
Opeth : Damnation: SOLD OUT
Opeth : Blackwater Park: SOLD OUT
Pearl Jam : Vitalogy £1.00
Pearl Jam : VS £5.00
Pearl Jam : Yield: SOLD OUT
Pearl Jam : Binaural: SOLD OUT
Persistense : In Blood And Heart £8.00
Psylence : Through Distorted Eyes £3.00
Queensryche : Hear in the Now Frontier: SOLD OUT
Rage against the machine : Rage against the machine: SOLD OUT
Salvador Dream : UR: SOLD OUT
Shels : Sea of the Dying dhow: SOLD OUT
Silverstein : Discovering The Waterfront £5.00
Sinocence : Scar Obscura £5.00
Slipknot : Slipknot £2.00
Smoking Hearts : Pride Of Nowhere £5.00
Struck By Lightning : Serpents £5.00
Taproot : Blue Sky Research £3.00
Teen Dance : Ordinance £4.00
Therapy : Semi Detached: SOLD OUT
Ultraspank : Progress £3.00
Union Underground : Education In Rebellion £3.00
Various : Commercial Breakdown Vol.3 £15.00
Various : Fear Candy 97 £2.00
Ventura : We Recruit : SOLD OUT
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