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These CD Singles in the Rap & HipHop section are all second-hand CD singles, some pre-owned, some are as new. Each CD has been checked and a description of condition added. If you want any specific information email us via the contact page. The track listing should be correct, but if you see an error please let us know.

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1000 Clowns: Not The Greatest Rapper (CDs) - SOLD OUT 2Pac: How Do You Want It (CDs) - SOLD OUT 2Pac: Runnin (CDs) - SOLD OUT 2Pac: Happy Home (CDs) - SOLD OUT 50 Cent: In Da Club (CDs) - SOLD OUT A-Tola: Soundbwoy (CDs) - SOLD OUT Anomalies: Howz That EP (CDs) - SOLD OUT Artcha: Right Here (CDs) - SOLD OUT Asian Dub Foundation: Buzzin (CDs) - SOLD OUT Atom Tha Immortal: The Essential Club Mix (CDs) - SOLD OUT Big Brovaz: Big Bro Thang (CDs) - SOLD OUT Blackstreet : No Diggity (featuring Dr Dre) (CDs) - SOLD OUT Celetia: Rewind (CDs) - SOLD OUT Coolio : Gangsta's Paradise (CDs) - SOLD OUT Coolio : Gangsta's Paradise (CDs) - SOLD OUT D12: Fight Music (CDs) - SOLD OUT Da Mob: Its All Good CD2 (CDs) - SOLD OUT Das Efx: Rap Scholar (CDs) - SOLD OUT Deadly Hunta: Talk Out Loud (CDs) - SOLD OUT Definition of sound: Pass the vibes (CDs) - SOLD OUT Definition of sound: What are you under (CDs) - SOLD OUT Diddy: Give Me Love (CDs) - SOLD OUT Diddy: Last Night (CDs) - SOLD OUT Diddy: Bad Boy For Life (CDs) - SOLD OUT Dina Carroll: Escaping (CDs) - SOLD OUT Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy: Live Television (CDs) - SOLD OUT DJ Rap : Everyday Girl (CDs) - SOLD OUT Dr Dre: Still D.R.E. (CDs) - SOLD OUT Fannypack: Nu Nu Yeah Yeah (CDs) - SOLD OUT Fugees: Boof Baf (CDs) - SOLD OUT Guru: State Of Clarity (CDs) - SOLD OUT Guru: State Of Clarity (CDs) - SOLD OUT Handsome Boy Modeling School: Worlds Gone Mad (CDs) - SOLD OUT Handsome Boy Modeling School: Sunshine (CDs) - SOLD OUT House Of Pain: On Point (CDs) - SOLD OUT Jurassic 5 : Work It Out (CDs) - SOLD OUT Lil Mama: Lip Gloss (CDs) - SOLD OUT Los Del Rio : Macarena (CDs) - SOLD OUT Mark Morrison : Return of the Mack (CDs) - SOLD OUT Mitchell Brothers: Michael Jackson (CDs) - SOLD OUT Naila Boss: La La La (CDs) - SOLD OUT Naughty Naughty: Money (CDs) - SOLD OUT Neneh Cherry : Woman (Remixes) (CDs) - SOLD OUT Onyx: Throw Ya Gunz (CDs) - SOLD OUT Outhere Brothers: Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle) (CDs) - SOLD OUT Oxide Neutrino: Bound 4 Da Reload (CDs) - SOLD OUT Q Tip: Breathe And Stop (CDs) - SOLD OUT Rodney P: Nice Up (CDs) - SOLD OUT RunDMC vs Jason Nevins: It's Like that (CDs) - SOLD OUT Shaggy : Boombastic (CDs) - SOLD OUT Skee-Lo: Top Of The Stairs (CDs) - SOLD OUT Snoop Dogg: Thats That (CDs) - SOLD OUT Spooks: Karma Hotel (CDs) - SOLD OUT Stereo MCs : Lost On Music (CDs) - SOLD OUT Tricky : Makes me wanna die (CDs) - SOLD OUT Tricky : Makes me wanna die (CDs) - SOLD OUT Warren G: Whats Love Got To Do With It (CDs) - SOLD OUT Y Diwygaid: Reformation (CDs) - SOLD OUT

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Tongue N Cheek , Dizzee Rascal £5.00 Fix Up, Look Sharp, Dizzee Rascal £1.00 Hi-Teknology, Hi-Tek £4.00 I Got It From My Mama, Will-I-Am £1.50 Run away, Mc Sar & Real McCoy £1.50 Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads, Various £5.00 King of Disco Hey Sexy Lady, Shaggy    £1.50
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Limited edition CD with some fabulous electronic ambient style tunes. Spend £50 and get this free!

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