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These LPs in the Rock section are all second-hand vinyl albums, some pre-owned, some are as new. Each LP has been checked and a description of condition added. If you want any specific information email us via the contact page. The track listing should be correct, but if you see an error please let us know.

If you cannot find what you are looking for get in touch we may be able to locate the item.

801 live: 801 Live (LP) - SOLD OUT Andy Mackay: In Search of Eddie Riff (LP) - SOLD OUT Andy Summers: Mysterious Barricades (LP) - SOLD OUT Andy Summers: Bewitched (LP) - SOLD OUT Barclay James Harvest: Time Honoured Ghosts (LP) - SOLD OUT Bill Nelson: Quit Dreaming and get on the beam (LP) - SOLD OUT Brian Eno : Taking Tiger mountain (LP) - SOLD OUT Brian Eno : Taking Tiger mountain (LP) - SOLD OUT Brian Eno : Before and after science (LP) - SOLD OUT Brian Eno : Another Green World (LP) - SOLD OUT Brian Eno : Here come the warm jets (LP) - SOLD OUT Brian Eno & John Cale: Wrong way up (LP) - SOLD OUT David Bowie: The man who sold the 25 (LP) - SOLD OUT David Bowie: David Live (LP) - SOLD OUT David Bowie: Heroes (LP) - SOLD OUT David Bowie: Hunky Dory (LP) - SOLD OUT David Byrne: The Forest (LP) - SOLD OUT David Sylvian: Flux + Mutability (LP) - SOLD OUT David Sylvian: Brilliant Trees (LP) - SOLD OUT Dire Straits: Alchemy (LP) - SOLD OUT Foreigner : 4 (LP) - SOLD OUT Gong: Gazeuse (LP) - SOLD OUT Gong: You (LP) - SOLD OUT Gong: Angels Egg (LP) - SOLD OUT Gong: Time is the key (LP) - SOLD OUT Gong: Live (LP) - SOLD OUT Hinterland: Kissing the roof of heaven (LP) - SOLD OUT John Anderson: 3 Ships (LP) - SOLD OUT King Crimson: Court of the crimson king (LP) - SOLD OUT Magma: Live (LP) - SOLD OUT Marillion: Fugazi (LP) - SOLD OUT Marillion: Seasons End (LP) - SOLD OUT Marillion: Misplaced Childhood (LP) - SOLD OUT Patrick Gleeson: Rainbow Delta (LP) - SOLD OUT Patrick Godfrey: Bells of Earth (LP) - SOLD OUT Pete Bardens: Seen one earth (LP) - SOLD OUT Pete Bardens: Heart to Heart (LP) - SOLD OUT Pete Bardens: Speed of light (LP) - SOLD OUT Peter Gabriel: So (LP) - SOLD OUT Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (LP) - SOLD OUT Pink Floyd: A Nice Pair (LP) - SOLD OUT Reo Speedwagon: Hi In Fidelity (LP) - SOLD OUT Rick Wakeman: Journey to centre of earth (LP) - SOLD OUT Robert Plant: Shaken 'n' stirred (LP) - SOLD OUT Rush: Hemisphere (LP) - SOLD OUT Rush: Moving Pictures (LP) - SOLD OUT Steve Howe: Beginings (LP) - SOLD OUT Stomu Yamashta: Go too (LP) - SOLD OUT Stomu Yamashta: Red Buddha Theatre (LP) - SOLD OUT Stomu Yamashta: Go live from Paris (LP) - SOLD OUT Toyah & Fripp: The Lady or the Tiger (LP) - SOLD OUT U2: War (LP) - SOLD OUT U2: Boy (LP) - SOLD OUT U2: Wide awake in America (LP) - SOLD OUT Various: 01/06/74 (LP) - SOLD OUT Velvet Underground: White light/white heat (LP) - SOLD OUT Yes: Fragile (LP) - SOLD OUT Yes: Close to the edge (LP) - SOLD OUT Yes: Drama (LP) - SOLD OUT Yes: The Yes album (LP) - SOLD OUT Yes: Tormato (LP) - SOLD OUT Yes: 9012 Live The solos (LP) - SOLD OUT

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Magnificent Tree, Hooverphonic £2.00 Good Apollo I Masters Of The Universe, Hawkwind £4.00 Blue Wonder Power Milk, Hooverphonic £10.00 What How to make friends and influence people, Terrorvision £5.00 Venus Doom, Him £3.00 American Classics, Various £2.00
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