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These LPs in the Electronic section are all second-hand vinyl albums, some pre-owned, some are as new. Each LP has been checked and a description of condition added. If you want any specific information email us via the contact page. The track listing should be correct, but if you see an error please let us know.

If you cannot find what you are looking for get in touch we may be able to locate the item.

A La Ping Pong: Go Go Pongs (LP) - SOLD OUT A Von Deyen : Atmosphere (LP) - SOLD OUT Asmus Tietchens: Biotop (LP) - SOLD OUT Baffo Banfi: Hearth (LP) - SOLD OUT Bernard Xolotl : Procession (LP) - SOLD OUT Between: Dharana (LP) - SOLD OUT Bill Nelson: Luminous (LP) - SOLD OUT Chris & Cosey: Songs of Love & Lust (LP) - SOLD OUT Chris & Cosey: Heartbeat (LP) - SOLD OUT Chris & Cosey: Trance (LP) - SOLD OUT Chris & Cosey: Techno Primitiv (LP) - SOLD OUT Chris Carter: Mondo Beat (LP) - SOLD OUT Cluster: Zuckerzeit (LP) - SOLD OUT Cluster: Grosses wasser (LP) - SOLD OUT Cluster: Cluster 71 (LP) - SOLD OUT Cluster: Curiosum (LP) - SOLD OUT Cluster & Eno: Cluster & Eno (LP) - SOLD OUT D Van Tieghem : Safety in numbers (LP) - SOLD OUT Deiter Schultz: The Comet (LP) - SOLD OUT Didier Bocquet : Voyage Cerebral (LP) - SOLD OUT Didier Bocquet : Sequences (LP) - SOLD OUT Earthstar: Atomkraft? Nein danke (LP) - SOLD OUT Edgar Froese: Ages (LP) - SOLD OUT Edgar Froese: Aqua (LP) - SOLD OUT Edgar Froese: Kamikaze 1989 (LP) - SOLD OUT Edgar Froese: Pinnacles (LP) - SOLD OUT Edgar Froese: Epsilon in Malaysian pale (LP) - SOLD OUT Edgar Froese: Macula Transfer (LP) - SOLD OUT Edgar Froese: Stuntman (LP) - SOLD OUT Eno Mobius Roedelius: Begegnungen (LP) - SOLD OUT Eno Mobius Roedelius: After the heat (LP) - SOLD OUT G Schickert: UberfalligGunte (LP) - SOLD OUT Gary Numan: Dance (LP) - SOLD OUT Harmonia: Dino (LP) - SOLD OUT Human League : Reproduction (LP) - SOLD OUT Jade Warrier: Way of the Sun (LP) - SOLD OUT Jean Michel Jarre: Waiting for Cousteau (LP) - SOLD OUT Jean Michel Jarre: Magnetic Fields (LP) - SOLD OUT Jean Michel Jarre: Zoolook (LP) - SOLD OUT Johannas Schmoelling: The Zoo of Tranquillity (LP) - SOLD OUT Johannas Schmoelling: Wuivend Riet (LP) - SOLD OUT Klaus Kruger: Zwischenmischung (LP) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: Mirage (LP) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: Timewind (LP) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: Cyborg (LP) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: Irrlicht (LP) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: Body love Vol 2 (LP) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: Blackdance (LP) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: Audentity (LP) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: Drive in (LP) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: Dreams (LP) - SOLD OUT Klaus Schulze: Irrlicht (LP) - SOLD OUT Kraftwerk: Computer World (LP) - SOLD OUT Kraftwerk: Radioactivity (LP) - SOLD OUT Kraftwerk: The Man Machine (LP) - SOLD OUT Kraftwerk: Trans Europe Express (LP) - SOLD OUT Kraftwerk: Autobahn (LP) - SOLD OUT Mark Jenkins: Phancyful-Fire (LP) - SOLD OUT Mark Shreeve: Crash Head (LP) - SOLD OUT Mark Shreeve: Legion (LP) - SOLD OUT Michael Garrison : Eclipse (LP) - SOLD OUT Michael Garrison : Regions of Sunreturn (LP) - SOLD OUT Michael Hoenig: Departure from Northern Wasteland (LP) - SOLD OUT Michael Rother : Sterntaler (LP) - SOLD OUT Micheal Shrieve: The Big Picture (LP) - SOLD OUT Micheal Shrieve: Transfer Station Blue (LP) - SOLD OUT Micheal Shrieve: Stilletto (LP) - SOLD OUT Micheal Shrieve: The leaving time (LP) - SOLD OUT Michel Huygen: Barcelona 1992 (LP) - SOLD OUT Michel Huygen: Capturing Holograms (LP) - SOLD OUT Neuronium: Heritage (LP) - SOLD OUT Neuronium: Chromium Echoes (LP) - SOLD OUT Neuronium: Supranatural (LP) - SOLD OUT Neuronium: Numerica (LP) - SOLD OUT Neuronium: From Madrid to Heaven (LP) - SOLD OUT Neuronium: Digital Dream (LP) - SOLD OUT Peter Seiler: Sensitive Touch (LP) - SOLD OUT Richard Pinhas: L'Ethique (LP) - SOLD OUT Richard Pinhas: Ice Land (LP) - SOLD OUT Richard Pinhas: East West (LP) - SOLD OUT Richard Wahnfried: Megatone (LP) - SOLD OUT Robert Schroeder: Floating Music (LP) - SOLD OUT Robert Schroeder: Mosaique (LP) - SOLD OUT Robert Schroeder: Brain Voyage (LP) - SOLD OUT Robert Schroeder: Paradise (LP) - SOLD OUT Robert Schroeder: Computer voice (LP) - SOLD OUT Steve Jolliffe : Journeys Out Of The Body (LP) - SOLD OUT Streetmark: Dry (LP) - SOLD OUT Streetmark: W Riechman & Streetmark (LP) - SOLD OUT Streetmark: Nordland (LP) - SOLD OUT Synergy: Jupiter Menace (LP) - SOLD OUT Synergy: Games (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Force Majeure (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Poland (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Le Parc (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Underwater Sunlight (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Optical race (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Zeit (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Phaedra (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Phaedra (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Stratosfear (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Tangram (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Encore (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Hyperborea (LP) - SOLD OUT Tangerine Dream : Ricochet (LP) - SOLD OUT Tyndall: Traumland (LP) - SOLD OUT Tyndall: Reflexionen (LP) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: Antarctica (LP) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: Spiral (LP) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: Albedo 0.39 (LP) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: The Dragon (LP) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: The City (LP) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: Soil Festivities (LP) - SOLD OUT Vangelis: Direct (LP) - SOLD OUT Wavestar: Moonwind (LP) - SOLD OUT Wendy Carlos: Beauty and the beast (LP) - SOLD OUT William Orbit : Strange Cargo (LP) - SOLD OUT

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Sound In The Eighth Dimension Volume Two, Various £3.00 Natural Science , KV5 £8.00 Viral Sonata, Paul D Millar £8.00 Betty Ford here we come, Palace of Pleasure £8.00 Decksanddrumsandrockandroll, Propellerheads £6.00 The Unbalanced, Sound of Flak £19.99 Faceless, Faceless £5.00 Meridian, Ian Pooley £7.00
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sound of flak unbalanced

Limited edition CD with some fabulous electronic ambient style tunes. Buy it here Sound of Flak: The Unbalanced Or spend £50 and get the promo version for free!

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